• Frequently Asked Questions

    General & Legal Questions

    We are certified to provide desktop and laptop support service for all versions of Windows (including Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Media Center, Windows 2000 and Windows 98) on PCs. That means we can perform essential maintenance, restore and repair Windows, update Windows, install upgrades, perform virus removal, remove harmful spyware, and troubleshoot Microsoft products.
  •   Laptops?
    I can work on all makes and models of laptops. That includes Dell, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Packard Bell, HP (Hewlett-Packard), Panasonic, Evesham, IBM, Acer, Sony, Compaq Presario, Gateway, Samsung, Advent and more! So if you have a slow laptop, or the laptop LCD screen is broken, or the laptop won't boot up, or the keyboard doesn’t work, or your laptop overheats, or your laptop has viruses, or you need data recovery on your laptop or you would like a laptop upgrade then contact us now for a free estimate!
  •   Hardware?
    We are also experienced in the installation and repair of hardware for your computer. I can troubleshoot and repair your computer's memory (RAM), hard drive (data recovery), processor (CPU), motherboard, video/graphics Card, power supply unit (PSU), keyboard, sound card, CD drive, DVD, printer, mouse, modem, router, and USB devices. I can provide more disk space for your pictures, documents, and music and do data recovery on your data that might have been lost due to virus or hardware problems.
  •   Data Recovery?
    If your hard drive died, or you accidentally deleted your files and folders We are your first port of call. There is no need to go rushing to "hard drive specialists" when most of the time a "dust free room" is not required. We will salvage as much data as possible from your dying hard disk. In the event We cannot recover your files We won't charge you a penny and you can at least be satisfied that you've exhausted all alternative options before spending an arm and a leg for a recovery service lab.
  •   What about the Internet?
    We can set up your broadband or wireless (WiFi) network, connect multiple PCs to each other, and secure your network against intruders. According to leading internet security firm Symantec, the number of computer viruses on the web hit 1,122,311 in 2007 (BBC Tech Report, April 2008) and that number is still growing, so virus protection is essential. If you don't already have an anti-virus program we will set one up for you and run a full scan on your computer. Whether you have one PC in your sitting room or a small business network, we'll make sure your system is protected.
  •   Parts?
    If your computer's repair requires parts, we can supply you and take care of the installation, too!
  •   Confidentiality?
    Your data is completely safe with us. We will never make copies of data unless you authorise it and we will never keep any copies that are made. Any CDs or DVD's we make will be yours to keep. We never, ever keep copies of our client's data, unlike some companies. We will also never access any files on your computer without your permission, so your privacy is assured.
  • ...anything else?
    Your problem might not be listed above. Computers can be very mysterious! No matter what your computer's problem might be, call us on (954)-940-0274 and we'll lsort it out ASAP!


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